Passionate About Wine, Place & People

Marley Howard first fell in love with the wine world when he was studying in Siena, Italy and took Viticulture and Enology courses to fulfill some college requirements. However, that ancient, colorful, and magical city pushed him in a new direction. His newfound obsession with wine was immediate and multifaceted and he knew there was no turning back.

After finishing his degree, Marley found himself writing wine lists and working in winery tasting rooms and before long he was California dreaming. Rodney Strong Vineyards became his new home and Marley worked with various aspects of the company, starting off in the tasting room, trying his hand in the cellar, various vineyards, and even the administrative offices. It was in Healdsburg that Marley began to gain an idea of what he valued and where he wanted to go next. 

Once again Marley found himself back in Europe and farmers took the place of professors and bottles served as uncorked mysteries. Days were filled working in vineyards and nights with laughter, friends, and seldom an empty glass. 

Upon return to the states, Marley began working with a distribution company truly focused on high-quality artisanal wines. Marley once said, “like it when a wine has been touched by more hands than machines and tastes like hard work and less like a droll equation.” 

Wine should be a ground-up experience. Calloused hands train vines, obsessive winemakers orchestrate symphonies in damp cellars, and bottles find their way to dinner tables and vacant glasses. Marley’s hope is to share his passion and experiences through wine and words and to entertain those who care to listen with stories that have roots as deep as time itself.